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Focus Pads

Practicing your technique with focus pads can help you quickly develop your sparring skills. Our focus pads are lightweight and durable and are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all martial arts disciplines.

We also stock Samurai Sam focus pads which are specially designed for children. Protect your hands when practicing your punches with our fantastic range of hand wraps and boxing gloves for both kids and adults.

Spot Leather Focus Pads
£23.99 – £26.99
Deluxe Leather Focus Pads
SP50 Gel Tech Focus Pads - Blue
SP50 Gel Tech Focus Pads - Red
Precision Strike V2 Focus Pads
Pro Fitness V3 Focus Pads
Firepower Gel X Pro Curved Focus Pads
Bat Type Target Pad
Circular Focus Pads
Born To Fight Focus Pads
Firepower Black Leather Thai Pads
Firepower Blue / Red Leather Thai Pads
Vinyl Blocker Pad
Wooden Makiwara
Junior Focus Pads
Junior Round Sound Effect Strike Pad
Junior Square Sound Effect Strike Pad
Firepower Angled Thai Pads