Hand Wraps

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Extra durable cotton hand wraps with velcro straps and thumb hole to easily start wrapping. Excellent for use in protecting the hand and knuckles when using bag gloves or boxing gloves. It is wrapped securely around the wrist, the palm, and the base of the thumb, where it serves to both maintain the alignment of the joints, and to compress and lend strength to the soft tissues of the hand during the impact of a punch. The length of wraps required will vary depending on rules, personal preference, hand size and the type of glove to be worn, with shorter wraps common for fingerless grappling gloves used in mixed martial arts (MMA). Can be used by amateurs and professionals. Sold in pairs.
Hand Wraps in Red

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Product Reviews

Perfect, 4/10/2010
By GJ White (, )

The handwraps are exactly what I needed to support my wrists and fingers. Couldn't recommend them any higher.
GREAT!, 10/10/2010
By s.owen (, England)

These are great hand wraps!! comfy yet supportive i ordered before 2pm and got them the next day. great value, great service, great product!
Wraps, 17/11/2010
By Helen Fraser (Aberdeen, Scotland)

I bought these for my grandson and he was well pleased. Unfortunately the first pair were too short so we ordered longer ones! Speed of arrival very good .Thanks
hand wraps, 13/5/2011
By kev hawes (lincoln, lincs)

brill hand wraps just the job A++++++
Do the Job!, 23/8/2011
By Andy.W (Sheffield, S Yorks)

Do exactly what you would expect..I have not hurt my wrists or damaged anything else while using them! Would recommend!
MR, 1/10/2011
By Billy-joe (Yeovil, England)

Great hand wraps A+++
handwraps, 8/11/2011
By jcomid (London, England)

The handwraps are very good quality and good support for wrists and fingers. I have oredred a few of them for chidren age 5-11 ( kick boxing )and they are very happy with it.
Hand Wraps, 9/12/2011
By Steve Gunby (Sunderland, England)

These hand wraps are my favourites. A great, great, product. They are comfy and give a great feel when wrapped. They support you fully and have an excellant velcro locking strip. I use these all the time and would highly recommend them to anyone. Great product.
Great, 6/8/2012
By PC (, Lancashire)

Great buy.
Wraps, 10/12/2012
By Rachel (Worthing, West Sussex)

The wraps are very good quality and give great support to my wrists, I will certainly order wraps for here again in the future. As you do to length which is really hard to find.
bang on, 8/10/2013
By Tom Daly (London, Essex)

great colour,very comfortable 10/10
Great product and price, 9/10/2013
By tkdsouth (southampton, hants)

great, 15/10/2013
By ian.c (grimsby, ne.lincs)

great - kids always use blitz another brand last time and they complained!
Excellent!, 11/11/2014
By R. Farrell (Glasgow, Lanarkshire)

Very good product, more than enough length for good support for knuckles and the wrist! Good quality and arrived very quickly. Would definitely order them again and recommend them!
Great!!!, 11/11/2014
By Thomas Beeley (Manchester, Lancashire)

Perfect quality. You really can't go wrong with this product.
thats a wrap !!!, 21/11/2014
By dave triangle (Warminster, Wiltshire)

Great value wraps. All I buy now !!