Full Contact Body Armour



The ultimate in body protection. Click to guard straps round neck and body. Main body part is sectioned for equal dispersal of full contact blows. Can be used for soft weapons training.
Full Contact Body Armour in Black

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Product Reviews

Chest Protection, 15/11/2010
By Andy (Armagh, ARMAGH)

These pads are great and they do not get in the way in sparring, the elasticated clip belts are ok but may need to be taken in even after adjustment no big deal. Note, they are not the largest of pads, better manouverbility (accuracy or else), area just above the groin is not protected. However ribs, chest and Solar Plexus is well protected and full blows are no bother to those on the receiving end.
chest protection, 18/10/2011
By paul sylvester (galway, eire)

i have owed this item for a couple of years and i love them, they can take a hard blow and its no bother to the wearer, i would recomend them, a great bit of kit.