Discounts & Coupons

What are coupon codes?

SAVINGS! If you have a coupon code it will entitle you to certain discounts or bonuses on your order which means you save money. What could be better than that! We send out coupon codes on a regular basis so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

Where do I find coupon codes?

We issue coupon codes on a regular basis either through email newsletters or in various magazines. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of these coupon codes. Each coupon code that we issue will have its own terms and conditions so be sure to read up on the small print so you know who it's for and when it expires.

How do I use my coupon code?

Using your coupon code is simple. After you have filled up your shopping cart, proceed to the checkout and fill out all the necessary details. During the checkout process you will have the chance to enter in the coupon code and apply it. Once applied, your order will reflect the discount or bonus and you can finish the order. You must make sure you enter this code before you submit the order.

I forgot to use my coupon code

If you place your order without using the coupon code then unfortunately we are unable to apply the code to the order or amend your payment.

How do coupon codes affect my right to return my order?

Coupon codes do not affect your right to return your order, however any credit or refund that may arise from the return will reflect the discount or bonus applied to the order only.