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Judo Pants

Judo pants are available separately, ideal for those training more than once a week. What could be worse than not having any judo pants for your next lesson?

Our Judo Trousers are available in a wide range of sizes for both children and adults, and come in white, black or blue.

Complete your Judo kit with our range of Judo Suits, footwear, bags and accessories. Our grappling dummies are idea for practicing floor work and our judo mats are ideal for fine-tuning you take down techniques!

Kids Cotton Student Judo Pants
Adult Cotton Student Judo Pants
£14.99 – £18.99
Adult Gold Heavyweight Judo Pants

Martial Arts Equipment For All Shapes and Sizes

As the UK’s leading supplier of martial arts equipment, we stock a range of products for all shapes and sizes.

With so much choice available, you’ll find it easy to locate the most practical fighter suits and sportswear for your desired martial art.

We even stock kids’ clothing too, so both you and your children can get the gear you need to compete and train in style, comfort and confidence.

Approved Martial Arts Products

All of our supplies are tested to make sure they’re safe and designed to last, meaning you won’t have to compromise when it comes to quality.

Durable, comfortable and top-of-the-range, our martial arts equipment will assist you in your journey to becoming the very best martial arts fighter possible.

Check out the full range of specialist and CE-approved martial arts equipment by browsing our store today.

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Whatever your preferred martial arts discipline, browse our extensive product range and purchase your items from the UK’s leading martial arts supplier: Blitz.