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Boxing Gum Shields

If your face or teeth are protected it gives you extra confidence to face your opponent and not back off. Your teeth are important, just like any other part of your body. 

The Blitz range of Boxing Gum Shields is suitable for all types and ages of fighters.
We stock a wide range of protective gear including boxing head guards, footwear, strike shields, boxing gloves and body protectors. 

All of our martial arts equipment is rigorously product tested to ensure that you’re getting top quality products at the best prices.

Standard Gum Shield
1 – 9£2.99
10 +£2.16
(prices include VAT)
Double Gum Shield
1 – 6£2.99
7 +£2.47
(prices include VAT)
Born To Fight Gum Shield
Bad Breed Gum Shield
Shock Doctor Gum Shield V 1.5
Shock Doctor Gel Max Gum Shield
Shock Doctor Braces Gum Shield
Shock Doctor Anti Microbial Mouthguard Case
Opro Bronze Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Ortho Bronze Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Junior Silver Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Silver Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Ortho Gold Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Gold Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Platinum Gum Shield Gen2
Opro Custom Gum Shield
Opro Refresh Mouthguard Cleaning Tablets